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Outfits. They can take a photo from good, to jaw dropping.

They seem to be the biggest stressor for families when it comes to family photos, am I right?! It really doesn't have to be that difficult. Let me give you a few pointers and walk you through a step by step process.

1. Consider WHERE and WHEN you will be photographed. You will want your outfits to fit well with your location. Some things to consider: if you will be in a green field, it is best to avoid greens and blues as you will fade into the background. If you will be in an urban setting, brighter colors or blacks will really pop! If weather is going to be chilly, find some cute layers to add to keep everyone warm. Cold kids are NOT happy kids and we want these kiddos happy! 

2. Start with the pickiest family member first! Usually this is us moms. We can be self critical and we are the ones planning everything typically, so its important we look and feel our best! Once you have that first outfit picked out, you can begin building on the wardrobe.

3. Coordinate items, but DO NOT MATCH. When you start building your wardrobe, you will want to work with 2-3 colors that coordinate well together. Some of my favorite colors to photograph are warm, earthy tones. Think burnt orange/rust (not bright orange); think burgundy (not red); think mustard (not yellow), think olive/hunter green (not grass green), think browns and creams. 

4. Add patterns and textures! This adds so much to your photos! I like to have 2-3 patterns or textures. A mix of patterns works great...think a big pattern (floral, plaid, etc), a small pattern (dots, stripes), and a texture (corduroy, velvet, etc).

5. Accessorize! I LOVE seeing my clients wear things like beanie hats, scarves, knee high stockings, girl's/women's hats, chunky jewelry, layers, etc. Be bold!

Some other pointers: avoid clothing with any noticeable or large logos (tiny, less-visible logos are usually fine). Second, avoid neon colors altogether. They can create some really funky color casts on the skin, and in extreme cases, these can be impossible to fix. 

I LOVE helping with styling my clients! I offer a Client Closet to all clients who book with me. I have purchased several clothing items that are flattering, beautiful, and photograph well. (Check out the Client Closet tab!) You are welcome to borrow one or more of these items for your session or use an online personalized styling service to find outfits to purchase for your family that I offer to my clients. I am here to help you every step of the way to make this as stress-free and fun as possible. I love when my clients reach out to me and I can help them pull together outfits. Truly. Contact me and I will be happy to help you! Remember, the clothing you choose will play a big role in the style and feel of the session, so have fun, choose pieces you really love, and that make you feel and look fantastic! Also, keep in mind that you want to feel authentic in what you wear, but also consider that this is a photoshoot so its okay to step outside your comfort zone and wear things that make you feel extra special, even if they are different than your normal day-to-day wear. 

Family Photos: What to Wear