Every family has a beautiful and unique love story that begs to be documented and displayed for all to enjoy in their home. The Heirloom Sunset Session is designed for families, couples, children, and expecting parents to capture beautiful memories together. My goal is to create an environment that feels natural and comfortable so that we can create and document those beautiful connections within your family. These are the moments you will want to hold onto forever. What better way to do that than through photographs?

Location: CLP Studio - Greensburg, IN
Scheduling Availabilities:  Tuesday and Thursday

  • Held at the CLP Studio

  • 1-2 Hour Session

  • Posed and candid shots

  • Access to the exclusive Client Closet

  • Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • Immediate family only, unless otherwise discussed




The first step in getting your photography session going is scheduling it! For a newborn session, scheduling can be a little tricky! We will first schedule the session for your due date. This is just a "soft" scheduling to get an idea of the time frame that we will be working with.

Once your due date has been scheduled, you will be able to make your $200 deposit in order to reserve your date! The remaining balance of your session is not due until the day of your session.

Once the baby is born (whether that is on the actual due date or not does not matter), we will reschedule for a date that is 10-21 days after birth. It is important that we work within this window to take advantage of all of the cuteness that newborn babies have to offer! Your session day availabilities will be limited depending on how many other clients have had babies in your timeframe, as well as the fact that newborns are typically photographed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, so be prepared to be flexible 2-3 weeks after birth!

To get started scheduling, simply fill in the Contact Form HERE and I will email you as soon as possible.




Okay, so the day of your session is here! Now it's time to get down to business! When you arrive, my assistant and I will be there to greet you and show you around the CLP Studio. We will take you through the prop options and show you through the Client Closet where you can choose an outfit or two. Bringing additional props or outfits is not necessary, but we will work with one or two props/outfits if you would like them to be included in photos.

The first part of your session will be full of prop shots and close-up photos of their beautiful little features. We will then transition into candid and posed family photos. We will end the session with some shots of them sleeping.

Regarding family photos: If you have a young child, we are all too familiar with behaviors and tantrums - it is a normal part of the process and it is rare that we do not get any good shots of younger children with their new sibling. We understand that some children will behave well while interacting with a phone or tablet, but we do not recommend using this soothing technique during the session. The children can become fixated on the phone/tablet and will want nothing to do with the rest of the session or become angry when the tablet is removed from them. We have interacted with many children over the years and we will do our best to help sooth any bad behavior that may pop up! To get the best results from your session, start the day off electronic-free until the later part of the session, where their patience can be rewarded with some screen time while we do sleepy shots of their sibling.

View the Welcome Packet that we sent via email for details on how to prepare for a successful day in front of the camera!

When the session comes to a close, you will be able to make your final payment and I will get to work on your beautiful gallery!






One of the most important parts of photography is editing! But... It's also the longest part of the process. While you wait, I will be sending you a few sneak peeks of your gallery! These are typically 1-5 images that may come all at once or over the following weeks. It typically takes 2-3 weeks to edit an entire gallery, and I cannot thank my clients enough for their saintly patience!

Regarding editing: Editing involves adjustment of color, skin tones, clarity, lighting, and cropping for focus. CLP is dedicated to body positivity and celebration, so we do not offer editing of the body or its shaping. If there are certain features of your body that you would not like accentuated in photos, please discuss those concerns with us the day of your session so that we can help you get all of those confident angles!




It is 2-3 weeks later, and your gallery is ready for viewing! In order to choose the images you would like to keep, you will either take a trip to the CLP Studio to view them in person or set up a Zoom time to view them remotely. During this viewing, you will choose the amount of photos you would like to keep according to your budget! The remaining images that you do not choose on the day of the viewing can be purchased at a later date.