Crystal Lawburgh


Mother of 3.

Lifestyle Photographer.

Greensburg, IN.

Hi! I'm Crystal, just a small town farm girl, following her dream. I live in Greensburg, IN, a small town where I am surrounded by all things beautiful:

open pastures, peaceful woods, endless farmland, and family. My husband and my three beautiful girls are my world, with photography being a close second. 

     Photography started out a hobby, and turned into a burning passion, both personally and   professionally. I absolutely love photography and all it has done for me as a person. It has been therapeutic in so many ways. I have such a love for the art, I am constantly reading, practicing, and learning so that I can continue to grow my craft. That is one of my favorite things about it, there is always something new to learn.

"let's create photographs you can feel"


I consider myself a passionate and sensitive person who loves to be busy and to make people smile. This lifestyle I live, being a wife and mother, has pushed me 

to learn and to grow as a photographer. My family drives me. When my children look back at photos I have taken, I want to spark a memory, for them to feel those moments and emotions again, and for them to have a photographic love story that they can treasure forever. Capturing the special bond

within a family, showing that love through photos; that’s what I live for. 

Our lives change so quickly. Our babies grow up. We need photography to allow us to

hold onto those precious memories forever.

I've been where you are; searching for that photographer that is the perfect fit for my family. One that fits my style, provides great customer service, and delivers beautiful, heartfelt images...all while worrying whether my crazy kiddos will behave well enough to capture the moments I yearn to have documented so that I can hold onto them forever. You know the youngest laying her head on my chest. My middle child (my mini me) looking into my eyes. My oldest letting me play with her beautiful hair. Finding the photographer that is the right match for you and your family can be stressful, I get it. But try not to worry. I pride myself in creating a comfortable environment where everyone can be themselves, feel relaxed, and genuine moments can be captured.

Those seemingly ordinary moments that are authentic, real, and honest. I would describe my photography style as romantic, intimate, and authentic. I love to capture raw moments where my subjects aren’t necessarily looking at the camera, but instead are lost in a beautiful moment. I would love the honor of writing your family's love story through photos.

Let's create photographs you can feel.

" I don't shoot what it looks like;
                   I shoot what it feels like. "